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Does this qualify as pregnancy discrimination under Title VII?

Lake Mary, FL |

I was contacted by a staffing firm 4 weeks ago about an opportunity however when the recruiter found out I was pregnant all contact ceased. Fast forward to today, the branch manager at the same location sends an enthusiast email regarding my qualifications for a job she's trying to fill. When I called her later to discuss, she claimed that she did not have my info on record, & that my resume somehow had disappeared. When I reminded her that she had just emailed me earlier in the day, she then recalled that the other colleague had told her I was expecting, and asked me to confirm if that was still the case. I told her I that I didn't see how that was related to the job. She then told me that I could send my resume again and we could go from there. I have a feeling I won't hear anything.

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I agree with both attorneys. Also, there might be an invasion of your privacy, since the fact you are pregnant has nothing to do with your ability to preform the job. you should consult with a qualified attorney who is an expert in this area of law ASAP. Good luck!


Title VII discrimination is very fact intensive, therefore, it would be best to consult an experienced labor/employment attorney to discuss your potential claims. Best wishes for your pregnancy! Good Luck!


Whenever there is an issue of discrimination or litigation you should consult with an experienced attorney.

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