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Does this apartment landlord have the right to send me a bill after almost three years of moving out?

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I left an apartment called "The Grove" in Cheney Wa, in October of 2011. I have a Disability that requires a quiet living area. I contacted the apartment manager many times for noise complaints and they did nothing to stop or prevent them. I even called the police to complain. This complex does not offer one bedroom apartments, and did nothing about my noise complaints. After arguing with the manager for weeks I packed up my things, cleaned the apartment up and moved out. I locked my bedroom door and the roommate living in the other room was still living there. I just received an email from them saying we owe thousands of dollars in rent and damages. It is 2+ years later. Can they do that after this much time?

I was in this apartment for a year and just "renewed" my lease for the next school year but the noise and the apartment workers constantly entering our apartment to "clean the third bedroom" for a new roommate supposedly, was breaking the lease. After I moved out and let the manager know of the disabilities claim and how they cannot offer what I need any longer and have failed to follow the rules of the lease, They rented out my bedroom in the apartment to a new tenant a couple months after.

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You may have some defenses, an email of the alleged claim is not usually proper notice under most leases. If the landlord claims you breached the lease by moving out then the landlord has a duty to re-rent to mitigate the damages.
Sometimes landlords will wait until the expiration of the old lease to total a bill. You should gather all of your evidence and get ready in case the landlord sends the account to collection. Or tries to sue you directly. If the landlord takes real action then you will need your evidence to defend yourself. Do not engage the landlord in a discussion if necessary have a lawyer write a letter or answer the lawsuit.
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