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Does the tenant have the right to ask for reimbursement of hotel and other expense due to negligence of landlord?

Lawrenceville, GA |

Faulty exhaust fan which caused a fire leaving the tenants homeless?

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The only answer to the question with the information available is "Maybe." It can depend on what is in your lease, what the landlord knew before the fire, what you knew before the fire, and a number of other facts.. If you have renter's insurance, I would start by contacting your insurance company and see if you have insurance coverage for the extra costs.

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Based on the information contained in your question, the only available answer is "Maybe". The real answer will depend on the contents of your lease, details about the fire, and any prior notice the landlord may have had about the exhaust.

For a better answer to your question, you will need to contact a Landlord/Tenant attorney directly and discuss the details of your situation.

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~ Kem Eyo

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