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Does the stater of texas still pay lump sum settlements for injured workers

Tyler, TX |
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There is no obligation to resolve a claim by a lump sum settlement.

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Since the law changed in 1991, Texas no longer has settlements of claims for subscribers in workers compensation claims. If your employer is a non-subscriber and you bring a negligence claim against them as the result of a workers compensation injury, that claim can be settled prior to trial.

In subscriber claims, you can commute your Impairment Income Benefits, if you have been back to work at least three months. This means that you can receive the remainder of your Impairment Income Benefits in a lump payment. I would never advise a client to do this due to the limitations it puts on secondary injuries.

The only other thing that is close is a DWC-25 agreement which are used at times to pay a specific number of quarters of Supplemental Income Benefits. These are difficult to get approved without an attorney representing you.

But, there are no ways to settle your claim since 1991.

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