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Does the set below fall into crime category? Please specify...

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Accused faced the charges of Felony in State court. He was bonded out, therefore he anticipated the forthcoming State Court hearing. Accused surrendered his US passport that was one of the court orders regarding bond. At the bond hearing an accused asserted to the Judge, that he held only US citizenship. In the very short period of time upon below described resulted in his mentally deficient state of mind, the accused have turned to his prior country of origin embassy located in US, whereas he found out that he still hold the citizenship thereof, thus he received a one way temporarily traveled document.

an accused have bought an airline ticket and left oversee before the forthcoming court date. He hoped that he would visit my mother and would assure her that everything would be OK , therefore he hoped to prove the innocence. The accused had NO INTENT TO ABSOND JUSTICE. He acted only with the purpose to visit shortly his sick mother, though such decision was not reasonable, because of mentally deficient state of mind. Unfortunately, his mother health condition was bad and she would not stand if his son would leave for US at that time. The accused did not return to the US, and a bench warrant was issued. The essential criminal charges is pending, upon several inquires it turned out not feasible to locate other charges hereof..

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The accused has now incurred more than the original charge. At a minimum he will face a failure to appear charge. There is a potential at least for a perjury charge based on advising the court he held only US citizenship but then traveled out of country under other citizenship.

Yes, it is definitely time to lawyer up.


Is there a question? Whether the accused had the intent to return or not he had no right to leave the US. That should be obvious from the fact that his US passport was taken. If he wants to return here to try to clear it up he will probably be stopped at his port of origin. Time to lawyer up.


Your question is confusing. The "crime category" is whatever the person is charge with. Leaving the country and failing to appear in court results in a warrant and bond forfeiture. "The accused" needs to refrain from further discussion except in private with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Visiting a sick parent and mentally deficient state of mind are not defenses to violating conditions of bond..


Citizenship here is not the issue, but attempted flight is. Mental deficiency is not the way to fight flight. There must be a lawyer representing the accused somewhere in this debacle.


No matter how many times you phrase the same issue in a different way, the issue remains the same: several charges are warranted in the above situation. Here is what you are doing, you are attempting to find internal rationale to possibly committed crimes, when you have to find a good attorney.

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I agree with my Avvo colleagues. Consult and retain an experienced federal/state criminal defense lawyer in your jurisdiction.

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