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Does the new law count in california for parolees

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What if you are on parole and you had a dui 9 years ago and you get stopped by the police and are arrested again on another dui, how long will it take to see the board and how long will they give you. The person is waiting to go to the parolee board. How much time will they be sentence and also does the new law count that started on October 1, 2011 for people on parole?

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When you say the new law that took affect on October 1, 2011, I am assuming that you are referring to AB109 also known as the Public Safety Realignment Act. The answer is no, it will have no effect on his parole if he was placed on parole before October 1, 2011.

He must be advised of the parole violation allegation within three days of arrest and must go before the parole hearing within 15 days of arrest.

I cannot say with certainty how long they will give him, however I would suspect that he would get either a treatment program or six months eligible which means he only has to do half time.

As to the punishment from the Superior court, it will probably be less than the parole violation so there will be no additional jail time. There will be additional things that he must do to get his license back.

David Jon Pullman

David Jon Pullman


I thought it was 35 days for the hearing.


He is looking at a parole violation as well as a new law violation. The new law AB109 will not assist you. No one can say with certainty what kind of sentence he will receive.
Robert Driessen