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DOES THE LANDLORD HAVE TO PROVIDE WORKING HEAT AND AC? And how long does it take to remove us from our house.

Orlando, FL |

HI, My name is Cathy and I was wondering if the landlord has to provide heat or Air conditioning? First he shut our power off because it was in his name, We had a verbal agreement that he would keep the power and water in his name and we are a month and half behind on rent due to my husband getting layed off. So he had turned everything off and we were able to get the power in our name after 2 days with no power and still have no water! Meanwhile the ac unit has stopped working and have no heat or ac! I have a child in the house and he will not get the Air Conditioner fixed. He has served us with a three day notice that looks like he has downloaded from the computer form # 54 it was not from the clerk of courts! I'm also wondering how long do we have until he can remove us from the house legally? We have tryed to work with him to try and come to an agreement on making payments on past due rent, But he is being evil and has even threatened my husband. We looked his background up and saw that he has Burgurley to a dwelling,Assult with a deadly weapon and attempted Murder! WOW A little scarey if you ask me. I would really appriciate any advise, Thank You and God Bless!

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You need to contact an attorney ASAP. The landlord is not allowed to turn off utilities because of non-payment of rent. You may be able to sue him and recover damages. I have handled many landlord-tenant matters. You need to act immediately. After the three day period is up he will probably file an eviction action so you need to get an attorney quickly so that the attorney can file a counter-claim and try to stop the eviction.