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Does the L.A. county clerks office have the form Ex parte motion for approval of notice. or do I format my own.

Long Beach, CA |

This is for getting ok to file Notice of Pending action, with recorders office currently do not have a attorney but will have one by court date.

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No, there is no Los Angeles County local form for an ex parte motion, nor is the a Judicial Council form for an ex parte motion for such purpose.

I am not sure why you think it is necessary to file an ex parte application to file a Notice of Pending Action (also formerly known as a Notice of Lis Pendens). Such notice normally does not require court approval. You just file and record the Notice of Pending Action after you file the Complaint.

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No court form for either. You dont need court permission to record a lis pendens.


I see you have already received two great responses.