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Does the health insurance deduction for calculating net income in Florida child support have to be employer-sponsored insurance?

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My boyfriend is in the process of recalculating child support due to his new job. His employer does not offer health insurance, but he really needs health insurance and is seeking insurance on his own. Can he still deduct health insurance payments as the "monthly health insurance payments" in the monthly deductions section of the Financial Affidavit, or does this have to be employer-sponsored health insurance to deduct the monthly cost?

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I believe that health insurance payments from a place other than your employer are equally valid for child support purposes. The child support calculation is based on the INFORMATION, not on the Financial Affidavit form itself. So...although non-employer health insurance does not belong on the "deductions from pay" section of the Financial Affidavit, they do belong further down the form under "Insurance" expenses. Be certain that it is clear that this insurance is for the Affiant only--not the child subject to the support obligation being calculated.


It doesn't have to be employer-sponsored for it to be deducted.

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