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Does the gbi crime lab test for Buprenorphine in there blood and urine test.

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Recently got a dui on drugs the drug being marijuana they did a blood and urine test and I had took a suboxone the day before. I recently stoped taking my pain meds that I have been on for the past 3 years and a friend gave me a couple suboxone to held with the sickness of withdrawals from the pain meds. I have read that most test blood and urine do not test for it.

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If this is a drug that does not affect your ability to drive, they may it test for it. However, if they do and it requires a prescription, the state may try to add a possession charge depending on its classification.

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Bupenorphrine is a synthetic opioid. The crime lab screens for opiods in their blood and urine testing. Therefore, you will likely see a positive result. However, this should only be admissible against you in the DUI case. If they subsequently charge you with possession by ingestion of this substance, your attorney should be able to get the evidence suppressed and the additional charge dismissed.

Moreover, in order to convict you of DUI, they will also have to prove that your ingestion of this substance impaired your ability to drive a motor vehicle safely. This depends upon multiple factors, including how well you were driving before you were pulled over and your performance on field sobriety tests. Just having this substance in your system will not be sufficient to convict you.

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