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Does the CRA have anything to do with residential property in Los Angeles insofar as inspecting for violations/approving inspect

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I f my home is zoned in a CRA area, and I need to make a unit legal, how much involvement does the CRA have in the process and do they pass off on inspections, issue permits, etc? I thought it was the DBS who did this?

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You need to call the Community Development Department to see what needs to be done in a redevelopment area. They will tell you who has jurisdiction over the permitting of this unit, and if you can make it legal, cost, etc.

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Alan James Brinkmeier

Alan James Brinkmeier


Well said


Possible agencies that could be involved include building and safety, zoning, planning, rent control, health department and others. Since it appears you have an illegal unit, one or all of them might be involved in some manner.


Contact the Los Angeles Department of Community Development. They can walk you through the process at no cost.



Thanks Ryan , I would never have thought of that.

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