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Does the 10 year time clock for alimony in Texas stop when the divorce action is filed?

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Marriage was July 3, 2003 - Wife left the home in March 2012 - Divorce was filed May 1, 2012.
Court is set for June 29, 2013. If the court setting is delayed past the 10 yr anniversary date, is alimony an option?

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The simple answer is yes. However, she may not have to wait for the ten year anniversary date to be eligible for maintenance in some circumstances and on the other hand she may not meet the requirements even if you reach the ten year anniversary. Discuss your particular situation with your attorney for an indepth analysis.

The above answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. The information provided is general to anyone, and is not intended to be advice to anyone's specific situation. You should consult an attorney immediately concerning your legal issue. The information provided is not intended to be relied upon as a final or conclusive solution to your situation.


The answer is yes. Consult your divorce lawyer. If you don't have one then get one.. Best of luck


Yes. Post-divorce maintenance (the Texas term for "alimony") is hard to get anyway. You need an attorney to help you fight this battle, though. There are more reasons to award alimony than a 10-year marriage.

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