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Does statute of limitations work for someone trying to avoid ever going to court? lets say it's 4yrs could one hide out 4yrs.

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4 year statute of limitations-is it possible to remain elsewhere until that time runs out and be free and clear?

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Nope. The government has 4 years to file charges for a felony. They have the rest of your life to look for you after they file charges.

Nice try, though.

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Nice try, but it won't work. The four years only applies to bringing the indictment. Once indicted it can sit forever until they find you. Essentially the prosecutor's office would have to flat our forget to indict you for four years from the date of the commission of the crime for you to "avoid ever going to court." That won't happen. Hire a lawyer.


No. Once you an indictment or accusation is filed the statute of limitations is satisfied. If you are hiding out and avoiding being arrested on the original warrant/charge then the statute of limitations can be tolled. Don't run and hide, hire a lawyer to stay and fight.