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Does social security require you to be under the care of a doctor in order to receive benefits

Hartford, CT |

my case is under review but have not been seen by a doctor in quite some time

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The key to winning SSD cases are the medical records and what restrictions your doctor has imposed. You need to see your doctor so that any new problems are properly documented.

Good luck.

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You don't have to be under the care of a doctor, but having medical evidence is critical to proving your case. SSA may send you to a doctor for an "independent" medical or psychological exam, but relying on that for a thorough and fair assessment of your conditions and limitations is risky. Further, many adjudicators, including judges, will question how disabled an individual could possibly be if he or she is not receiving regular treatment.


If you are currently receiving Social Security Benefits and are undergoing a "Continuing Disability Review", Social Security is reviewing you to determine whether there has been a medical improvement that would allow you to return to work. Medical treatment and the documentation that would generate is useful in showing your medical status. If you are not receiving treatment, Social Security may send you out for an evaluation to determine your current medical condition.