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Does shoplifting go on your record if you were not arrested?

Tucson, AZ |

I got caught shoplifting an item that cost $16 and all they did was bring me up to the employees break room and I just had to give them all my information. They made me sign a shoplifting civil restitution demand notice form saying I owe an extra 250 on top of the 16 and that I no longer can shop at the store. So if the police were not there to arrest me, is this shoplifting charge going to be put on my record? And if the charge is going to be on my record, is there a way to prevent that or remove it if the charge is already there?

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As long as no court proceedings were initiated then this will not go on your record.

There is such a thing as "expungement" which purports to "remove" things from a record. But, with computers pretty much on their own these days without human correction when there is a need for change, things tend to stay on a record forever and a day.

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