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Does shoplifting as a minor stay on your record forever?

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I'm 14, I stole $14 worth of earrings at icing's/claire's. When I turn 16 or 17 I plan on getting a job but is that possible with a shoplifting as a minor on my record? I have not gone to court yet. All i received was a civil demand, which, I will not be paying because it separate from the court fees/fines.

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Good answer about the civil demand. Your "record" as a minor is not available to potential employers. For the moment, there is nothing you can do that is going to help you out. When you turn 18, however, you should seek to seal your juvenile record (you will have to have done everything they told you to do on probation and not gotten into trouble.) This all asumes that actual charges are brought against you. If you are 14, charged with shoplifting, and have no prior record, you will probably be TBolted, meaning that you will not be charged with an actual deliquency and will not have any record to speak off. Probation will watch you for a while to make sure this was an isolated incident, and if nothing goes wrong they will never charge you. Don't steal anymore. Talk about all of this with your public defender.


A minor's record is not available to the general public. Were you even arrested or cited by the police? If not, there is no issue.


Have your parents hire you a locally experienced criminal defense attorney who can hopefully prevent a conviction. Either way, since you are a juvenile, and given the offense, you should not have to worry about this showing up on an employment background check.

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