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Does right to "quiet enjoyment" include horrible neighbors and false HOA accusations? Can I legally break my lease without fees?

Surprise, AZ |

My neighbors have been throwing loud parties in the front and backyard of their home since November when we first moved in. We have tried telling property management about these issues since some of which violates HOA that we pay for every month. Property ignored several emails over months until they emailed back only to tell us that HOA was fining us for leaving our trash bins visible, ignoring our previous and numerous complaints. We were forced to pay the fine or else there would be fees added onto our acct and were told we could dispute the fine, because we had proof it was the neighbors trash bins. Dispute was declined, and when we asked for photographic proof, we were ignored despite our proof. We have videos, photos, and police reports of everything. Do we have a lease break case?

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Possibly. But tell your story in detail to a lawyer. And bring the HOA documents and the lease.

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