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Does Pa have reciprocity with NJ regarding underage drinking as of 2013 regarding license suspension

Kutztown, PA |

While at a party, I walked outside and was confronted by police officers, they had me identify who I was. Since I was underage I was cited for an underage, now being that law states in PA about fine/ 90 day license suspension. Does that mean that since I am a New Jersey Resident that my "New Jersey issued" license will be suspended? I am very confused over the actual law, and cannot get a straight answer on this. I am aware there are lawyers on both sides of the state lines, so I am curious if I can get a clear answer on this.
(I have heard a new law was passed Jan. 1 of 2013) so older cases may not be applicable)
Thanks in advance

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This question may have already been asked. His right to drive in Pa is being . If the Bureau of Motor vehicles is aware that he is licensed in NJ, Pa may send notice to NJ. It will be up to that StTe to determine what action if any will be taken.


This question was recently asked. You should look at the answers previously posted. Good luck.


They are both part of an interstate compact that is supposed to inform each other of license suspensions. It is possible to get lucky, but don't count on it.

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