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Does one joint tenant's execution of a quit claim deed sever the joint tenancy and give full rights to the other joint tenant?

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My friend and her brother have a deed to an apartment in NY as joint tenants with right of survivorship. My friend wants her brother to sign over his share of the apartment to her in exchange for consideration. Should her brother sign a quit claim deed to his share in the apartment to accomplish this? If not, how should they sever the joint tenancy? My friend wants to be the sole owner of the apartment. They also have a mortgage in both of their names. Do they need to do something legally with that as well or is that a matter of contacting the mortgage company and having them remove the brother from the mortgage?

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Your friend should consult an attorney of her choosing to assist in the transfer of the property from her brother and her to her only. More than a quitclaim deed made be required. Your friend should also contact the mortgage company. A transfer of the deed may create a default under the mortgage obligation. The mortgage company is under no obligation to release her brother from the mortgage just because he is not on the deed.

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