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Does my soon-to-be ex-husband have to agree to adoption since the baby was conceieved during the marriage?

Guymon, OK |

My husband and I were trying for a baby when he decided he wanted a divorce. We aren't yet divorced, but he is supposed to file soon. I can't raise a baby on my own because I am still in college and just can't give him/her the life they could have with another family. Does he have to consent to me giving it up for adoption?

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The short answer is, yes. A father is entitled to notice of an adoption. He can give his consent, or the adopting family can move to terminate his parental rights. An adoption agency or adoption attorney can help you obtain the father's consent, or explain the grounds or adoption without consent. The right attorney can connect you with a reputable adoption agency, or an adoptive family who can help with your medical and legal expenses. Please act soon. Delay could limit your options.

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