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Does my pain management doctor have to give me a month worth of scripts before he discharges me?

Temple Hills, MD |

My pain management doctor discharged me for violating the narcotics contract. He wasn't specific, but I ran out of meds a couple times during my time as a patient with him. I have fibromyalgia, and other degenerative bone and muscle conditions. I have been on the same level of medications for the past 6 years--recently the pain has become worse and the meds are not working as they used to. I try not to over medicate myself, but sometimes it is unbearable. I talked to him about changing the dosage, but he didn't want to. So I just try and tolerate the pain. However I work--not on disability and sometimes I have to take meds in the morning to make it through the work day. I came up negative on a urine test, so he discharged me. Now I have no medicine and approaching withdrawals.

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No. Your doctor is entitled to prescribe to you or not. I understand you have a reasonable explanation, but it seems like you have two options, meet with him and discuss your situation, or find another doctor to treat and medicate you as they see fit.




Find another doctor, if you can't reason with the current one.


Get a new doctor to get the treatment you require


No, see another doctor


No. Not necessarily. This is a risky matter for the doctor.

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