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Does my neighbor have the right to point a survailance camera at the front door of my home?do i have any rights here?

Bangor, ME |

my neighbor has put up survailance cameras on their fence outfront of their home and it points at my front door of my home having me feel very uncomfortable in my own home. i have had problems with these neighbors in the past for a similar situation but camera was on the eave of their home pointing at my front door at my home. they were told to take it down by law enforcements and put it on the other side of fence pointing in the same area. i should have the right to feel safe in my home and i do not. what are my rights?

there are two cameras one pointing at my front door of my home and the other pointing into my livingroom of my home!! please help!!!

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Attorney answers 1


If the cameras are on their property, they can probably point them anywhere they want. I suggest you smile and waive everytime you go by. Even better, tell your neighbor that you appreciate that he's watching your house for you - keeping you safe from intruders. (Yes, I know that's not really what he's trying to do.) It's likely that 1) the cameras aren't even on, 2) the cameras aren't monitored, or 3) if you act like it doesn't bother you, it will become boring enough for your neighbor to find someone else to irritate.