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Does my mom have a chance to enter US after being visa denied at the embassy 7 times? Her name is on the black list as a "liar".

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My mom was denied her visa 7 times at the consulate at the embassy because they told her that she had lied to them because she did not mention that she had a brother in the US. This was not true because her brother was adopted by other parents and hence he was not her brother legally anymore. Long story short, they did not believe anything she said after she mentioned she had a brother second time, and this happened 13 years ago. Does her information stay on the system forever, or does she still have a chance to come to US? She has a new passport and the denials wont be seen.Some people say that the info in the system gets renewed every 10 years and her name wouldn't be on the black list anymore, is this true? I think I need an attorney to bring her to US.

Thank you for your advice!

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Records do not disappear unless they get lost, literally. If your mother has been denied that many times, I can assure you that they know. If she attempts to apply for a visa and denies knowledge of previous denials, they can actually call her a liar with good cause.

I suggest that you have a lawyer look into her past history with immigration. Being denied 7 times might not be a problem. I think the difficulty lies in proving that the reason for the denials has no basis.

Again, contact an attorney prior to applying for another visa.


Her application still in the system, doesnt matter that she obtained a new passport. I would advised you to speak with immigration lawyer who can assist your mother.


I think you are right - have an attorney to help her the next time she tries to come.

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If you are a US citizen, you can sponsor your mom for an immigrant visa. If there was no formal determination of fraud rendered, she will have good chances. Otherwise, she might need a waiver.

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