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Does my LLC, protect me from Child Support?

Phoenix, AZ |

I have a new tool being introduce to the market in May, I'm hoping to sell the Patent and make a small fortune and to continue making new tools. I'm in the "rears" in Child Support but have been making payments for the last five years, can't get out from under the amounts owed. Can Child Support take what I owe in the rears?

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I am not a family law attorney. You should raise this issue with your divorce attorney. But failure to pay child support is serious. Most states and the federal government have strong enforcement mechanisms for collecting unpaid child support. Operating an LLC will not shield you personally from child support payments in arrears. Courts have been known to lock dead beat dads up for failure to pay child support, until the child support obligations are paid, especially when assets are available that the court cannot reach. While the structure of an LLC might prevent assets of the LLC from being seized, in some states, you might be running your LLC from the county jail.