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Does my Landlord have to pay for extermination of bedbugs?

Cincinnati, OH |

I recently discovered that i have bed bugs. My dad is the maintenance guy for our apartment building, and knows that my landlords mother, who lives on the top floor, has had bed bugs for a while, but has done nothing about it to fix the issue. We thought that by spraying bedbug repellent/killer monthly, would stop them from infesting our apartment as well, but after my girlfriend woke up with several bites, and i found several live bedbugs, it's clear that that didn't help. So, does my landlord have the obligation to pay for some sort of treatment for the entire building? Please let me know. Thank you.

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With the limited facts you provide, it will be hard to provide a solid answer. But, for the purposes of general discussion only, a landlord is required to maintain the unit in a good state of repair. This includes addressing issues that affect the habitability of the unit, such as bed bugs. However, the landlord is only responsible if the bed bugs are not due to your actions (such as keeping an unsanitary unit). Based on the facts you provide, it appears as though the bed bugs arrived before you moved in. If that is the case, then the landlord had an obligation to remove them before you arrived and if he did not, then he must remove them now. This condition affects your habitability and he is responsible accordingly. I am only licensed in CA and this answer should not be viewed as legal advice.