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Does my House Insurance cover Repairs or Damages (Ceiling Damage because of Water) at the property insured?

Riverside, CA |

I have a property in Riverside, CA and its insured with CSE Safeguard Insurance company (If the name would make a difference) and recently i found the Ceiling near the kitchen is Leaking and there's obviously water damage. The question is Can I contact the insurance regarding this and whether they will cover this or not Because i contacted private contractor and they estimate the repairs roughly around $15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Dollars) and i cannot afford this or even afford to leave the ceiling damage Not Repaired.

Please Advice!! Thank you

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A definitive answer would require a review of your policy language, but generally speaking homeowners insurance will cover water damage due to broken pipes.



Thank you Mr. Barnes. Unfortunately i don't have a copy of written policy but i can get one from them. The reason why i am asking you guys because i would like to know my rights and be well informed before contacting the insurance.


I agree with my colleague:

One would need to read the policy to provide a definitive answer to your question.

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