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Does my exhusband have to pay the settlement amount ordered by the judge after 1 year? we lost everything in a house fire.

Millbrook, AL |

in the divorce decree he was ordered to pay me money from the insurance money on the house and he has not paid it.

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More details would be needed for a complete answer. However, if the divorce decree requires him to pay and he refuses, then he may be subject to a finding of contempt and face whatever consequences the judge determines are appropriate. Consideration would be give to whether the divorce decree provided for any specific timeframe in which the payments were to be made, whether your ex has actually received the insurance proceeds, and whether there is some valid reason as to why your ex cannot pay. As with any family law question, I recommend you contact a family law attorney in the general area where your divorce decree was issued.

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Yes if that is what it says he most pay you. Hire a lawyer to take him back to court to address his failur to pay you. He may be ordered to pay your attorney fees also.

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