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Does my child have to miss school to fulfill an ordered visitation?

Sparks, NV |

Tomorrow I am headed to Shasta county for a hearing. I am charged with contempt of court and violating court order. the ordered visitation was not ordered until Monday the 14th. my kids spring break here in reno ended april 11. they are in school. do I have to take them out of school to fulfill the court order or is it legal for the judge to do so?

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Do to the fact it is supposed to happen tomorrow, when in doubt follow the Court Order. If you don't follow the Court Order, you could be held in contempt which is punishable by 25 days in jail, sanctions and/or attorney fees. I would suggest consulting with an attorney.


Usually these types of conflicts are seen in advance and either worked out directly between the parents, or there is time to get the court involved (even if on an emergency basis). So I am unclear on how this happened leaving you to make this decision on very short notice. My colleague is correct: When in doubt, follow court orders unless there is a serious and documentable safety issue.

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