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Does my broken lease, in NC, being in collection mean that I can not obtain another apartment meaning will I be denied.

Winston-salem, NC |

In North Carolina a few years ago, I attempted to get an apartment with some friends of mine and I applied but they denied me to move in, but they told me I had to pay for the lease regardless. I was never given a key, nor have I ever moved in. I am trying to get a new apartment now but I don't know if I'm going to be denied because of this. In my credit, it is in collections, but it doesn't say broken lease, nor does it say eviction. It just says it's in collections and who its from. And also, I want to know what can I do to get rid of this. It has ruined my credit and I'm t ring to fix it, but I am a college student with little to no money but I would like to dispute this as quickly as possible. If anyone would take the xase, I will pay you off over time if possible as well. Eric D.

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First, you need to write a dispute letter to the three credit bureaus explaining this story. As a lesson in this, ALWAYS resolve your matters as quickly as possible. When you dispute this, I can imagine that they will argue that you did move in an then quickly abandoned it. There are ways to put your self in a good position by writing to them after this happened to confirm that they would not let you move in, so that they can't change their story later.

As far as being denied, that is completely up to the individual landlords/property managers. There is a rental history database that some subscribe to that this can also show up on.

I recommend you speak to an attorney in your area to see if you have unfair debt collection claims against the former landlord that can give you leverage.