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Does my boyfriend need a lawyer?

Burlington, WA |

My boyfriend works at Les Schwab and his shop supervise has been harrassing him and demeaning him at the work place and even on his days off. One text of which was to a homophobic nature and very offensive. This supervisor is continuosly push work on the employees that is not ethical or safe. It has gotten to the point that my boyfriend wants to quit his job that he has been at for 10 plus years. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend was injured on the job and was forced to drive himself to the emergency room! Alot of the harrassmnt began after this supervisor was promoted to the position he is now in.

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I don't know about Washington state law, but Illinois recognizes a cause of action for harassment based on sexual orientation or preference. It is not clear to me whether your boyfriend is straight, bi- or something else, but it sounds like workplace harassment nonetheless. Your friend should review the employer's workplace harassment policy and report the matter to management. He should report the matter regardless of whether or not there is a workplace harassment policy. He should keep a journal of everything that happens and be watchful of any retaliation from management.



Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.. My boyfriend is straight, the coment that was made to him was based on and about a camping trip my family does every year called male bonding.. a weekend in the woods going out in 4x4 trucks and drinking and what not with out the women. I will definately pass this info on to him.. he refuses to retaliate and doesn't really want to stir the pot so to speak.. I have had issuse with this type of thing before i just need a few more opinions beside mine to help him feel more comfortable turning this supervisor in for his behavior.

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