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Does my bond money go to my child support account that I owe

Waterbury, CT |

Well they gave me a court date a year and half ago I knew bout the first one which I knew bout when I went the judge was trying to make me pay an amount I didn't have so he gave me a couple hours to come up with the money I was to b back at 2 pm and never showed up I gotten a lawsuit for 3000 thousand dollars which I sign it off to child support so I figure I didn't have to go court anymore they sed they had sent me a letter for my second date which I never recived and just found out about 2 months ago that I had a capias warrant and my bond is set at 2500 when I do turn my self in will this money go to my child support owing account

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More detail and clarity is needed but so long as the capias bond is cash only (as opposed to cash or surety) often the bond can be used to offset the amount owing.

Before you turn yourself in, speak to an attorney to fully understand your rights and what is likely to happen when you do turn yourself in.

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