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Does mom have a case against me for my parenting style?

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Mom is the custodial parent of our son and has another child . I have two other children besides our son . Mom is more of the Disneyland parent , she has a liberal point of view . She isn't a horrible parent but I believe she needs to get a backbone when it comes to our son . My wife and I are more strict , we have expectations and goals for our kids . Mom and I bump heads a lot , I will sit our son to do homework until all of his homework is complete even if it takes longer than the 20 min Kindergartens suppose to only do . I do not allow his homework to be turned in half done and I will not do it for him . Mom complains that he is just a baby and I am too tough . She wants to take me to court because I am not following her parenting style . Do I have to change my parenting style just for our son ?

She wants to take time away from me.

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No you don't have to change your style of parenting but the judge might see things differently. The courts aren't suppose to micromanage parenting and don't want to be caught up between different style of parenting. Sometimes they do make decisions between two good parents and sometimes two bad. The courts generally do not want to get involved unless there really is a problem that needs to be addressed such that threatens their health, safety, and welfare. Not if it is about the childre being an "A" or "B+" student.

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I agree with Mr. Mataele the court is not going to micromanage parenting styles especially if the child's overall needs are being met and there are no health or safety issues.


I agree with the answers already provided. There is no real way for a court to force you to change or to enforce an order to do so. The State understands that every family is different but your ex may have other allegations so I recommend finding someone who can speak for you and who can represent your interests,

Good luck!

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