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Does launching Green Card process hamper H4 visa eligibility of wife if I get married after Green Card application is launched?

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I am currently on H1B. My Green Card process is about to be launched in the next 2 months.I plan to get married in the next 6 months and my future wife stays in my native country.I want to bring her here right away after marriage.My questions are 1)Because my green card application would already be launched before marriage, would it affect her H4 visa eligibility? 2)At what stage I can include my future wife in the Green Card Process.Ideally I would like to apply for her Green Card too once she gets in the US on H4.

My Green Card process is about to be launched in the next 2 months-By this I mean currently work is being done to apply for the labor certification process which I believe is the first step in the Green Card application process.

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I have never heard the word 'launched' used in the immigration context.

Are you talking about 'launching' the PERM?
"Launching" the I-140? Or, perhaps
"Launching the I-485"?

Last, and most important, what did the company's immigration lawyer say when you asked him/her these questions?

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GC process with not hamper her chances of acquiring H-4 visa. As long as the marriage takes place before the green card comes through, she will be eligible as a derivative. You cannot apply for green card until the priority date is current and so if the process has not even started, there is no reason visiting this issue at this time.

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No it does not "hamper" anything unless the H1 and the green card husbands are two different people.

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