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Does landlord have to give notice when shutting off water.

Olympia, WA |

The water in the moble park where I live has been shut off every day for the last three days it startes around 9am and is turned back on around 5pm. This is a private well not city water. Do they have to give notice there will be no water on these days and time.

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Your landlord can interrupt utility service for a "brief" period in order to allow repairs, but should give you advance notice so you can plan accordingly. However, if you have not formally objected to being without water you should do so promptly, in writing, so your landlord knows that you object. This may spark a discussion with your landlord about the basis for the lack of water during the day.

If it continues without reasonable excuse, take a copy of your objection letter to the City/County Building department and ask for an inspection. The City or County may have no idea this is happening.

Water is a fundemental component of a tenancy. Having maintenance performed is also important, but the landlord has a duty to keep the place to code, and codes always require continuous clean water.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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