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Does journal play an important role helping custody battling?

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I have been taking care of my kids actively more than 1 year but I started to journalize how I took care of my kids about 6 months ago. This digital journal is from 5 Clock software I bought and its journal format is emphasized on custody formatting. It documented who doing children's meals, laundry, seeing doctor, giving them baths..etc. I am filing a divorce and hope to have primary custody for my kids. I want to know if my journal will play an important role helping me in the custody battle. Should I submit the journal to the court or I shouldn't? Can my journal be accessible to the court? what is the good and the bad if I submit the journal to the court? Can my wife have the chance to review the journal if I submit it to the court?

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All evidence is subject to review & cross-examination by your ex. Talk to a family law attorney to formulate a workable strategy for your petitions.


Your journal may be a useful tool in a custody case as it may lend credibility to your assertion that you are primarily responsible for the care of your children. The journal, however, is only a small piece of a very complicated puzzle when trying to obtain custody. You should immediately retain counsel to broaden the scope of your strategy and understand what it would take legally to obtain custody.

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