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Does it matter for trademarking company name, if I have an S-Corp or an LLC

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I would like to trademark My Company Name. Does it matter if I have My Company Name INC or My Company Name LLC?

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The specific structure of the company does not matter. Use in commerce for trademarks or the filing date for intent to use trademarks, and originality for both types of trademarks, is of greater importance.

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For purposes of a trademark, it does not matter if your entity is a corporation or a limited liability company. There are other reasons to consider one form of entity over the other, but not for the protection of intellectual property. I recommend that you consult with an attorney and/or your accountant to fully consider the benefits of both types of entity and determine which would be the best for your company.

I wish you good luck.

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A trademark does not depend on the structure of the company.

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A trade name technically cannot be trademarked -- only a mark that is directly connected with a good or service can be trademarked, although it is normal to assume that you are using your trade name in connection with the goods or services you sell. Assuming that you are using the trade name as a trademark, it is better, if possible, to use "My Company Name" as the trademark, rather than "My Company Name Inc." or "My Company Name LLC." However, you should discuss your options with a competent intellectual property attorney nearby; you may be missing some options that could save you money and/or increase revenue in the long run.

Molly Cristin Hansen

Molly Cristin Hansen


As Attorney Jacobson has said it is typically better (and more common) to use "My Company Name" alone, without an entity identifier. Think about Anheuser-Busch, Kraft, Mattel -- none of their famous marks include the word Inc. (You should use your full entity name in copyright notices, such as those at the bottom of a website page, but it is unusual to see the entity identifier in the body of a trademark.)