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Does it look poorly upon me if I ask the father to terminate his parental rights before the baby is born?

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The father told a mutual friend he was planning on purchasing a product to cause me to lose the baby, which I find concerning. He randomly would take interest in the fact that I was caring his child but for the most part seemed unhappy with the whole situation. He has said many things to me as well as mutual friends that are contradictory and sometimes just blatant lies. Therefore I have since sent him a letter, of which I have a copy, stating I don't trust him, I don't feel comfortable around him, I don't want anything to do with him, and I strongly suggest he consider terminating his parental rights. If he refuses to do so can he use that letter against me to make me look bad in the eyes of the court and take the child away once it is born?

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When considering allocation of parental rights and responsibilities the Court will look at the conduct of both parties. A threat that might harm the child will be seen in a negative light by the Court. Your statement that the father should consider terminating his parental rights may be seen as failing to encourage a relationship between parent and child. The likelihood of any court allowing him to terminate his parental rights is virtually zero. Unless you have a willing step parent able to take over the responsibility the courts are very loath to deprive the child of a father and a means of support.
I suggest that you hold him responsible for the financial obligations of being a parent when the child is born. He needs to pay and you need to encourage a relationship between child and father if he is interested and willing to be involved and can behave appropriately.

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