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Does it help if i am a born citizen and in the military?

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In some countries parents of active military members are afforded this courtesy; The Congress did not make it a law of the land here, however; Not yet

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Mr. Segal is correct. However, there are some paths to citizenship for military members. Go see your base Legal Assistance Office. You should also consult with a local Immigration attorney.


I am a bit confused as to your situation. When you write "born citizen" do you mean to say you are a United States citizen through birth? I echo the previous advice for you to speak with your base legal officer, however if you are over 18 and a natural born US citizen, you should be able to sponsor your mother in the immigration process.

If your mother has been in the United States for over ten (10) years prior to any effort of the country to deport her, and been of good moral character (largely meaning no major criminal issues), you have options such as the "Application for Cancellation of Removal and Adjustment of Status for Certain Nonpermanent Residents" form EOIR-42B application.

Also as this is your mother, you may be able to file a 1-130 Petition for Alien Relative form.

Immigration law can seem very complex but it is essentially a prove your compliance with various programs system. Check this webpage for some guidance from the government and feel free to contact an attorney such as myself who can assist you in the immigration law process.

Being in the military, you may find additional avenues to sponsor your mother and perhaps low cost/free cost agencies that may be willing to assist you in the process.

Good luck

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