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Does it cost more for a construction zone speeding ticket if you are going more than 30 mph over?

Highland Park, IL |

I was given a ticket for doing 80 mph in a construction zone, no workers present. What should I expect the punishment to be? Should I plead guilty? Do I need to hire an attorney?

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I'm more than happy to tell people when they do not need lawyers, but you definitely do.

It is a mandatory conviction and a mandatory fine for speeding in a construction zone. Speaking from personal experience, Prosecutors hate to reduce these charges. On one hand it is very hot buttons, politically speaking. On the other hand, they see their jobs as protecting a person who is literally on the side of the highway as his/her Day job.

As it stands, your name is on a piece of paper mixed in with a hundred other names on pieces of paper in a system which is overwhelmed with these type of tickets, typically given by Illinois State Police

The purpose of a specifically traffic-practicing lawyer in this situation is to present a person. My office does this by presenting a packet showing reasons for mitigation. I have this exact type of case up tomorrow in court, I'm bringing in certain hospital records for my client who was taking his sick family member to the hospital. I say that provide you guidelines on what your standards for an attorney should be.

My Answers are only informational in nature and DO NOT constitute legal advice. This is a good thing because I like to speak to my clients and hear them out before giving them direct, personalized advice. Call, Email, or Text me to receive actual advice. Sincerely, Vijay R. Sharma, President of the Law Office of Vijay R. Sharma


Whether there are construction worders present or not, you are supposed to reduce your speed, not incrrease it. The minimum fine is $375 and it can be higher. You really need a lawyer. You are at risk for serious consequences. Hire a lawyer who is experienced in handling traffic cases.


Listen to the lawyers that answered above me and retain someone to help you on this.