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Does invitation letter to US embassy(in Tashkent) need to be notarized ?

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I'm sending an invitation letter(tourist visa for my parents) to a Embassy, do I need to notary it ?

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you certainly can, if you are a citizen, send your parents a copy of your naturalization certificate. Remember more importantly they need to show that they do not have an immigrant intent

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No, you do not need an invitation letter. Period. If you would like to increase their chances of getting a visa by explaining the purpose of their trip; intentions to return and so on, you should do that. Explain in a clear language and give it to your parents. They will take it with them to the embassy. Good luck.


No, and an invitation letter is not even remotely enough. Your parents must prove to the satisfaction of the consular officer that they have such strong ties to their country that they will not remain in the US.

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Your invitation letter will have little to do with removing the presumption that they are coming to the US with the intent to immigrate. While consular officials can review documents, the interview is not designed for review of evidence. Evidence is primarily provided in the application, and must establish sufficient ties to the country so as overcome presumed immigrant intent.

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