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Does incorrect legal address on mortgage, deed, note, title insurance invalidate mortgage?

Daytona Beach, FL |

My ex and I share a property and he took an adjoining piece. We had a mortgage thought on the piece shared which all docs turn out to have the legal of the one he took. The bank is trying to force me to sign papers putting the mortgage back on the one shared. Their attorney prepared all the paperwork. They are threatening to call in my business loan if I don't. (His divorce attorney sits on the board). This mortgage legally is my ex's now and he has stopped paying it. My name is also on it but he took the property which as our other properties included any mortgages. I'm already trying to vacate the settlement due to fraud and inequal settlement so don't want to put it on the property shown as clear. Any advice?

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You'll have to sit down with a lawyer in your area and have all the documents reviewed for a complete answer. However, most mortgages include some agreement by you to sign any correction documents that may be required. In addition, many loan agreements would allow the bank to call the business loan if there is a default on another loan with that bank.