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Does ignoring certified mail grant the argument that you were not informed?

Washingtonville, OH |

My wife is the residential parent of my stepson. The custody agreement states each parent is entitled to two separate but uninterrupted weeks of summer visitation each year. We sent via certified mail the written notice of our week on 6-24-13 and the week of visitation is to start 8-7-13. He texted 1-2 days after we sent it and acknowledged he had gotten the notice to pick it up at the post office so the address was correct, and stated he could not do so until the following Saturday 6-29-13. This was fine because there was plenty of notice. We received the letter back due to him refusing to pick it up on 7-17-13. Does he have an argument or can we have our vacation that is already planned and paid for?

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I guess it's too late now. Unless your order requires certified, use regular mail or email and demand a response.