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Does highway patrol have jurisdiction at the exit of freeways?

Los Angeles, CA |

I took an exit that curves and it was jammed so I lost my patience and tried to cut through to the end of the lane which expands and goes three ways. I was already in the right lane and I had to partially drive on the emergency lane to the end of it. I was behind a big truck at the curve of the exit and couldn't see in front of me. I basically ended up parking myself right behind a highway patrol that had already pulled someone else over, of course with no room to go back into my lane. You can guess happen next. :) I was at the off ramp, do they have jurisdiction in that area? Thanks in advance!

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Yes- CHP has jurisdiction over all highways. You still might want to consider fighting ticket and hope that officer does not show at trial.

Andrew Roberts



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Yes, CHP does have jurisdiction in the scenario you described. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation. Hopefully it's not too high of a fine, but you can still try to fight the ticket. It was killing two birds with one stone for the cop, I guess.

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