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Does he have to fix a sunroom roof that leaks and pools in the rafters then down the back wall like a waterfall? in texas

New Caney, TX |

We just rented a house with a sunroom that the landlord used as a selling point to get us to rent he said he would add electricity, the roof leaks so bad it pools in the ceiling and you can push on the ceiling to make it come out the end of the room like a waterfall, is he responsible to fix it and if so in what time frame, can I fix it and bill him in Texas?

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Your best option is to notify the landlord IN WRITING. Certified letter, RRR. Demand a fix ASAP and tell LL you will consider the contract in breach if he does not repair the leaky room. If he fails to act, you may want to contact a TX landlord tenant attorney to ensure you have adequate grounds to take further action.

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