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Does having a paid lawyer reduce your chances of requesting a bond reduction?

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My husband has 3 felony charges. He was given $45,000 bond which we have to pay 15% because of out of state. I found an attorney that will allow me to pay only a portion of his fee & make payments so I can have some money for the bond, if it can be reduced. At the amount it is now, I can't pay a lawyer and the 15%. Will a judge look at the fact that we have a paid attorney and think we can also afford the bond? The arrest is actually in Mississippi but we are Florida residents

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Generally, the issues of whether a bond can be reduced do not have anything to do with whether you have retained an attorney. In fact, the very reason to hire an attorney is to ensure you are addressing the case and are committed to returning to the jurisdiction. The judge needs to determine if you will return when required, pose a risk to society or the witnesses in any way, your criminal history, if any, your ties to the community, etc. What I would not do is use all of your money to get out on bond only to get a lawyer of lesser experience. The most important way to spend your money is on the very best lawyer you can retain. The outcome of the case is the often dependent on the skills of the lawyer making the very best use of the facts and the law.



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No. The issues are different many times another party, family or friends will pay the attorneys retainer. The court is concerned with ties to the community, prior record, and potential sentence of the instant charge to name a few. In fact usually hiring an attorney can actually lower the bond.