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Does gang stalking really exist? If so what type of lawyer would be needed in order to address this issue?

Kansas City, MO |

My husband recently submitted a question on this site addressing his concern to being a victim of gang stalking, he states that many different people follow him and are watching him 24/7. i have been researching this issue and I am finding myself having a hard time believing that this can really happen. I have told him that if people are following him that he needs to document this and get any information, such as a license plate, date, time, description of the cars, and planes that he claims are constantly following him. Does this really exist or is it something that is made up? if it is real what type of lawyer would need to be seen? I just don't know what to do and this is starting to effect our family because this is all that he speaks of and it all sounds so crazy. please help.thanks

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I do not practice in MO, but I may offer some general advice. No one on this site can tell you if your husband's concens are real or imaginary. Only those close to him are going to be able to do that.

Assuming his concerns are real, he has several options: Filing criminal charges; obtaining restraining order(s); or civil suit(s).

To file criminal charges, he should contact the local police department/prosecutor's office when he has proof of his stalker's/stalkers' identity(ies). Potential criminal charges include, but are not limited to, disorderly conduct, stalking, harassment, etc.

To obtain a restraining order, he will have to get info on the process from the local clerk's office or a local, experienced attorney familiar with handling restraining orders.

To sue civilly (i.e., harassment, emotional distress, etc.), he should consult with a local, experienced civil litigation attorney.

If your husband has mental issues, you may want to seek a mental commitment. You would need to speak with a local, experienced attorney who handles such matters for further info.

Good luck to the both of you!



I don't mean to be critical but the above answer boarders on the ridiculous. Anybody that knows anything about the crime of gang/community stalking and harassment knows that not only will police not help, they are actually part of the crime, joining in with the stalking and harassment and in my case with electronic weapons also. The worst advice for victims or targets as they are called is to expect any help at all from law. This includes the FBI and the DOJ. I personally have written the Whitehouse with no response whatsoever. Which is precisely the point. This crime is funded and perpertrated by the highest levels of government. A target's biggest worry is not the idiots that carry out most of the harassment, stalking and illegal spying. These are merely brainless drones. The problem is the goverment's support and participation in this most horrible crime against the most innocent of victims. I have also had much trouble attaining a lawyer due to the slander that is the foundation of this crime. All rumors seem to be believed which keeps the target voiceless. We need brave attorney's that understand this crime and will not deny a target's right to representation. Until this changes there is little hope that things will change.