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Does everything on a juvenile record get sealed if the judge grants the petition?

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I filed a petition to seal my record and the judge granted my petition today. Does this mean that everything in relation to my juvenile record is sealed or only what's on the petition? The reason I ask this is because I did a live scan a few months ago and two things came up on it. But when I went to the courthouse to get a copy of my arrest records, three things came up. I was told by the clerk that everything gets sealed once the judge grants my petition. But I just wanted to make sure because I want my entire juvenile record sealed, not just part of it. If anyone can give me some input that would be great.

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The seal should be just one court file. The one court file may not include "everything in relation to your juvenile record." There may be things related to your record that are not in the court file.

When you did Livescan and "two things came up," may be related to cases that were not subject to the petition.

To have your entire juvenile record sealed, you may want to file petitions for the other cases as well.


I agree with my colleague. Petition to seal a record is specific to a particular case. Filing a petition to seal for each juvenile matter should clear up your record.



Thank you for your response. I received one citation for vandalism and one for burglary. However, I was charged with grand theft on the same occasion as the burglary incident. So would the burglary and grand theft count as one case or a separate case? The reason I ask is because my lawyer only filed the petition with the vandalism and burglary charge. I did not know about the grand theft charge until later on. But I do know that everything was dismissed. What are your thoughts?


I agree with attorney Hill.

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