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Does everyone who apply for adjustment of status through marriage have to file I-131 for travel form with all other forms ?

Newark, DE |

I came to visit my uncle on visitor visa and overstayed for 4 years, now I am married to a USC and I am filing to adjust my status , i have never been outside US since i came here and i have no intend to travel overseas, do i need to file I-131 form even it's free ? and what's the point of filing it with the other forms ?

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no, no point on your facts.


I agree with my colleagues. If you have no intention of traveling outside the US, there's no point. If you ever change your mind you should consult with an immigration attorney.

The above information does not constitute legal advice, and is intended only as general information. You should speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case, as not all facts are known at this time.


I agree with the other posters that you do not need to file an I-131. Further, I discourage traveling if with an approved I-131 until after permanent residency ("Green Card") is granted. Whenever you travel there are risks that you could experience trouble at a port of entry in addition to risks that your travel could be seen as an abandonment of your application for permanent residency.