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Does domestic violence effect my husband who is green card statute and further citizenship by suing him - emotional threaten

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i have been marriage to a green card holder three years and we still have more than a year to get the interview . However , my marriage relationship is very unstable and my husband often threaten me and force me to have child , so some of my friends recommend me to file an abusive form . One thing i am really concern if I file the abusive visa by abusing emotionally , does it will affect my husband's Green Card statute and the future become citizenship ? If it would cause a consequence by my action of filing the form , I will give up this option and go back to china . I primary purpose is that I don't want looking any trouble or get the benefit by taking aways others freedom . some might say i am stupid , but that is the way I like to live .

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You should not be afraid to come forward if you are being abused. It is only if you will call the police or make a report with police, that your husband will be arrested and charged, otherwise, if you file an application with immigration, they are not in the enforcement field, so that they will be looking at your application. Contact experienced immigration attorney to discuss your options.

Also, here is information about the help that may be available to you:
Help is also available from the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TDD). The hotline has information about shelters, mental heath care, legal advice and other types of assistance, including information about filing for immigration status. For more information, visit the National Domestic Violence website.

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Domestic Violence, if it results in a conviction or violation of a restraining order is a deportable offense and he could loose his LPR status.
Should you divorce or seperate from him he will be eligible for NATZ but it will take longer.