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Does Deferral Act require to find a job right away?

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I have a friend got accepted through the Deferral Act and got the paper work such as work permit, state ID and social. She had a hard time looking for a job. It's there a certain period of that she need to have a job? What it the consequence if she doeesn't have a job within a year or more? Thanks

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There is no work requirement for DACA.


None whatsoever. She can get a job or not. Up to your friend. Work authorization is just that, authorization to work. It in unlike work visas that require an individual to be employed with the petitioning employer.

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DACA-based work permits do not require active employment to remain valid.

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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program essentially uses the Employment Authorization Document (work permit) as a way to show that the person has (temporary) permission to be here in the United States. No actual employment is required. Because the EAD/work permit is a key document in obtaining the social security number and driver's licenses, USCIS determined that it was the best tool for the purpose. Still, your friend might want to find work or go to school, as the DACA program is temporary, and she will have to renew it after two years. Future legalization options are unknown for now, but a history of productive activity can't hurt.

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